Codex Alimentarius


Codex Alimentarius

Never heard of Codex Alimentarius?
What is it?
How will it affect your life, health and most importantly the
future wellbeing of your children and grandchildren?

Simply put this is a UN plan to Destroy Organic Farming & Demolish (by stealth) the Natural Health Industry

This DVD is a Hard Hitting Presentation by Ian R. Crane

With his intensive political analysis, Ian delves in to the track record of those beings who openly crave the birth of a One World Hierarchical Government.

Exposing the agenda of those who have presided over events leading directly to the waging of illegal wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, and who continually demonstrate their desire to perpetuate a state of permanent global conflict and fear; with the cruel intention of systematically eroding personal freedom, through the process of gradualism.

Ok, so what does all this have to do with Organic Farming and Natural Health?

Well, part of the New World Order agenda is to remove the requirement for Food Labeling & to Restrict and Ultimately Prohibit the Sale of all Natural Health Products.

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