Man Made Weather


The physics and engineering behind electromagnetic disease transmission is truly amazing. Back in 1974, Soviet biologist A.P. Dubrov reported that "all living organisms emit gravitational (electromagnetic) waves." Dubrov recited data from his own experiments with polarizing microscopes (which divide light into its components for easier observation) to support his claim that high-frequency oscillations, or rhythmic movements, of the cell's molecules, can generate biogravitational electromagnetic waves and can propagate (transmit) them over long distances.
Dubrov discovered that photons as well as ultrasonic sound can be observed emanating from cells as they divide. He then made an association between these rhythmic events and biogravitational electromagnetic waves, and proposed that the human brain cold coordinate these waves to produce observable effects. Dubrov further suggested that the movement of distant objects, air ionization during mental activity, the 'mysterious' exposure of distant film, organic interaction with time, and the altering of molecular movement occurs through this process. In other words, Dubrov said that human consciousness could coordinate the organism's gravitational electromagnetic waves emitted by dividing cells and thereby produce any number of psi phenomena.

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