Moorish Law And Government


The Moorish Movement in North America stands as the foundation of Islam and Islamic nationalism in America, via its founder, Prophet Noble Drew Ali, who started his work in 1913 in Newark NJ. The movement reached its peak in 1928, with an estimated 70% of the African American population being involved in one way or another nationwide.
From the years 1929-1936, the movement began to fragment, giving birth to other popular organizations and movements, such as the Nation of Islam, the Black Hebrews, and many others. Since the year 2000, America has seen a great interest and resurgence of the movement, but in its 70+, year dormancy there is much confusion as the exact direction of the organization and the original intent of its founder.
Chief Minister Dr. Ra Saadi El/ Sheik within the Moorish Science Temple of America is the Chief Member on the Supreme Grand Counsel and National Spokesman for the 1928 portion. He is well received and a noted scholar and historian on the origin and original precepts of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Prophet Noble Drew Ali (its founder) and hence the foundation of Islamic Nationalism for African Americans. His tutelage and position in the movement follows a direct line of transmission traceable directly to Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

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