Shipping Information How fast do we ship? We try to have our orders in the mail to within 24 hours. Regardless, when they go in the mail, we will notify you that they have been shipped, and what method was used to ship your order. Please note that orders that are to be sent abroad will require an account with Fedex our preferred shipper or UPS items sent abroad will not be sent until full payment has been received. What is our usual method? We prefer to send our items via Royal Mail for orders within the UK and Federal Express for the rest of the world depending on the order and destination. We have had good experiences with both systems when shipping within the UK or overseas. If you would prefer another shipping method, just let us know and we will quote a shipping price. Do we offer tracking numbers? Whenever we have tracking numbers we will provide them to you in your items that have shipped. You will be advised via email that is sent when the items have been shipped out. Do we ship Over Seas? YES! we are located in London. Some countries are more difficult to ship to, but we will gladly ship overseas. Our Preference is Federal Express as they offer a fast and reliable service that can be easily tracked every step of the journey. How much do we charge? We feel we offer very reasonable shipping rates, and do not use shipping as a means of making money. We try to monitor shipping and adjust it whenever it is brought to our attention. We do however choose the method we feel has the most value. Perhaps not the cheapest, but the best shipping option for you and your order. BUT, you can always request a different method.
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